The happy couple on the big day. She said Yes!
(what was she thinking?)

The Kiesters in Hawaii July '02

Welcome! Mahalo!

In these pages you will find a few candid shots of the happy couple (with possibly/probably/hopefully more to be added as things progress).

You can catch Ted (fishing) and Anissa with an interesting assortment of snack items. Be sure to check back periodically as we will be updating when new information is available!




The Hawaiian bash to celebrate the pending nuptuals is just around the corner :) [ 2 days and counting ]

updated: the Gallery Proof pages have been cleaned up a bit more


PARTY: The Wedding shower is this Saturday at 4pm at The Beil's in Chatsworth [ map ] hope to see you there!

Dress: Hawaiian casual / beach

updated: 'Proofs' gallery missing images fixed, also on Anissa's page.


Added: 'Proofs' A gallery of the proofs taken for their 'pre-wedding' photo thing, updated Anissa's page. Have more pics, will add them as I have time.

NOTE: THEY HAVE NOT REGISTERED AT MACY's YET. They promise they are working on it, So much to do So little time!

NOTE: The party on the 8th is just that, A Party. Couples Wedding Shower to be more exact, but not your average "Pin the tail on the Bride" shower :)
The party is Hawaiian themed, please dress Hawaiian if possible.


Site is up (finally) but not complete. Keep checking back for updates!

Anissa & Ted are registered at: and The

~ Kelly []